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Freedom 251 India's First Low Cost Mobile at Rs 251

Adjoining the national capital of the world, international technology Outflanking Srtat-up company launched the world's cheapest smartph...

Thursday, 18 February 2016

Freedom 251 India's First Low Cost Mobile at Rs 251

Adjoining the national capital of the world, international technology Outflanking Srtat-up company launched the world's cheapest smartphone. Fully manufactured in India smartphone \ 'Freedom 251 \' is priced at Rs 251 only. Initiated by the Prime Minister \ 'Make in India \' and \ 'Digital India \' initiative motivated by ringing bells Pvt. LTD. Built by phone on the morning of February 18 and February 21 in the evening 8.0 hours 6.0 hoursCan be purchased from the company website.Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Murli Manohar Joshi smartphone launched at Nehru Park. On the occasion, he said, the rural fishermen, peasants and women is great, because now they will be able to improve their living standards through this. Hopefully, this smartphone \ 'Diwyangon \' for some app will be developed.Android 5.1 operating system (lollipop) four inch smartphone will display. A 3.2-megapixel rear camera and 0.3 megapixel front Camera is. Phone with 3G connectivity will be launched on Wednesday. A 1.3 GHz quad-core processor, 1 GB RAM and eight GB internal memory. Up to 32 GB external memory card can be fitted.Clean India in the phone, women safety, WhatsApp, like Facebook and Twitter are already installed app. Its battery is 1,450 mAh and 650 call centers across the country for the service of Hankkanpani website will be available for pre-order from 18 February.Costs just 251 rupeesBells of the price of this new handset is 3 to 4 thousand, nor is between 2 to 3 thousand, but it is so cheap that the Nokia and Samsung smartphones, feature phones will too expensive. The smartphone costs just 251 rupees.Recently launched the first phoneRinging Bells PVT LTD 251 rupee smartphone launches and price announced by Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar. Bells The Bells Smart 101 Smart phones have recently stepped into the Indian mobile phone market. The phone costs Rs 2999 was laid.Bells Freedom 251 special FEATURES-- 3G connectivity- Dual SIM- Android 5.1 Lollipop OS- 4-inch WVGA IPS display screen- 1.3 GHz processor Kwodkor- 8 GB internal memory- 3.2 MP rear camera- 0.3-megapixel front camera- 1450 mAh batteryThe phone bookings starting on February 18 and June 30 will be the delivery.
Freedom 251 launch of world's cheapest smartphone on its website Thursday morning started pre-booking. But many users have not been able to place the order. The company claims that 6 million hits on the site every second from the server crash and stopped bookings for 24 hours. The smartphone is controversial because of its cost. Cellular Association questioned the call of Rs 4100 to Rs 251 how can you get? What are the three disputes involving the smartphone ...
- Bells Ringing The smartphone was launched in Noida. The company will start shipping from June 30.
- Rs 251 for the smartphone from the company website at pre-booking started on February 18 at 6 am. It is scheduled on February 21 to 8 pm.
- However, the first few hours of the morning, users of the website crashes and place the order later complained of not finding.
- The company posted a message. The written-in just a second we got 6 million hits. Hence the server was overloaded. We're stopping the booking. Service within 24 hours after the upgrade it will resume.
- Later in the day the company's existing office in Noida outside were crowded with people.
- The Company was not aware of the crowd. Indeed, the phone book may not get on the Internet after they had assembled here.
- Given the growing crowd gave the company notice that the office is not a manual booking.
Controversy 1: The launch event was not Parrikar
- 4-inch HD display, a 1.3 GHz processor and 1 GB of RAM with a 251 rupee on Wednesday the launch of this phone in Noida.
- The minister did not come for the launch. BJP MP Murli Manohar Joshi attended the event.
- The mobile industry body Indian Cellular Association (ICA), Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said the matter should be investigated.
- ICA says that subsidized smartphone sales despite such price may not be less than Rs 4,100.
- ICA cheap smartphone launch the event at the invitation of senior political and government leadership and the presence of leaders questioned.
Controversy 2: Indian Cellular Association questioned the cost of the smartphone
- ICA said the bill of material of such product (BOM) of $ 40, the value comes to Rs 2,700. It only cost comes when it is purchased from the supply chain cost.
- ICA National President Pankaj Mahindru letter to the Telecom Minister said that retail sales in duty during the product cost, taxes, distribution and retail margins are added. When it comes to smartphone retail cost Rs 4,100, Rs 251 how it is to be sold?
- Mahindru said that e-commerce or any kind of a subsidized cell phone is sold at the price of $ 52-55 the 3500-3800 works out to Rs.
- He questioned whether there was any subsidy directly on the product, how it is to be sold at such a low rate?
- Please tell the Samsung, Apple, Sony, Lava, Micromax, Karbonn, Motorola and HTC companies such as ICA member.
Bells ringing in response to what the math?
- Bells Ringing president Ashok Chadha said at the launch event "by the end of this year we will build the Freedom -251 smartphone hardware in India. Later it will be 100 per cent made in India."
- "We are bringing the pilot project in Noida and Uttarakhand. The cost of Rs 500 crore and the target capacity will be 5 million units every month. We will make a five-manufacturing center. But at the beginning we'll stop booking after half million order . "
- "According to the Bill of Materials cost of this smartphone is Rs.2000. Of this, Rs 400 in India, we'll save by making."
- "Online sale of Rs 400 and we'll save it. If you pre-ordered on the number goes up, we will save Rs 400 ment."
- "Then the platform will grow, we will highlight such products, which are Valuable for customers."
- "It will be our source of income. The benefits we deliver to customers and the smartphone will cost control."
- The company says that this phone is not taking any government subsidies, nor any department of the government in the project is included.
Brawl 3: Copy from iPhone claims
- Hindustan Times report, Freedom in the most built-up icons Aifaen 251 look alike.
- The Web browser app, Apple's Safari browser, which looks like the iPhone, iPad and Mac means.
- The round home button is the same as the iPhone.
- The media report also claimed that the Freedom 251 Delhi IT importer company Adcom is modeled on a handset. 251 Freedom as a smartphone company Adcom many e-retailers are listed on the websites of Rs 4,000.
Challenge for whom this phone?
- Bells Ringing below Rs 500 and also plans to launch in the smartphone market. Presently, the cheapest smartphone available in the market is around Rs 1,500.
- Last year it was announced that DataWind Anil Ambani's Reliance Communications (RCom) with Rs 999 will launch the world's cheapest smartphone. This phone is not in the market yet.
- The upcoming Lenovo A2010 between Rs 4,500 to 5,000 of them and also challenge for titanium carbon is believed to be one Mac.
- Rs 251 Lenewae this Smartfaen screen (4.5 inches) and carbon (4.7 inches) shorter than the first, but a 1.3 GHz quad-core processor will boost nearly as much.
4-G phones it has launched for Rs 2,999 Bells ringing.
- Bells Ringing in the recent Rs 2,999 in the 4-G smartphone was launched in the market.
- In addition, the company's two feature phones are also present in the market.
Bookings from people angry, pulled anger on social media ....

Freedom 251 Website have an error "Dear friends, we are very grateful for your enormous response and your kind patronage and would submit that as of now we received approx. 6 Lacs hits per second as a result of your kind overwhelming response, servers are over loaded.

We humbly submit that we are therefore taking a pause and upgrading the service and will revert within or before 24 hours. Once again our respectful thanks and gratitude for your support and patience. We look forward your return as soon as we are back online well within 24 hours.".

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